Quarantine–Burden or Blessing?

Scenes like this keep me sane!

Howdy! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here and I’m sorry for being so remiss!

Life has been busy in quarantine and I’ve been going in several different directions at once. All while mainly remaining at home!

First, I started a proofreading/editing business. I LOVE to read and as I read, I find myself correcting any spelling or grammar error in my head as I go. I read EVERYTHING, even ketchup bottles and mayonnaise jars. If something with words is in front of me, I’m reading it! It’s a compulsion really. I can’t NOT read something. Because of this, I decided to put my reading and grammar skills to good use. I took a course (Proofreading Anywhere) and loved it. Currently I’m proofreading professional documents primarily. I’d like to proofread novellas and novels, so if you need any help in that direction, please let me know!

I also updated my bookkeeping skills and learned how to use QuickBooks Online. My husband is a CPA and has his own business. I brushed up on my skills relating to that and am doing bookkeeping and administrative work for him. I’ve really enjoyed learning more about bookkeeping and accounting. The administrative work comes easily to me. I worked as an administrative assistant and clinic manager for over 30 years so I definitely know the ropes!

In my tiny amounts of free time, I’m also learning Spanish and French, crocheting, knitting, and we moved to a new apartment! Whew! Life has been busy in quarantine! Who says that old dogs can’t learn new tricks? Old dogs (that would be me) can definitely learn new tricks and have a blast in the process!

What have you been doing? Have you found quarantine to be a burden, a blessing, or a mashup of the two? I pray you are all doing well and I promise to stay in touch better! Keep on keeping on folks!