Buddy Speaks|NaPoWriMo Day 26

Hey! It’s 3:00 AM!
Time for Sweetie
to get up!
she sleeps in
until 5:30 AM.

Now that I’ve
as Sweetie
puts it,
and eaten,
it’s nap time
for me!

She really is
a sweetie.
I can see
why Honey
calls her that.

She takes
care of me,
lets me
share her food,
and sleep
on her lap.

I’m sure glad
she found me
at that truck stop.
It was so cold and
I was so hungry.

She walked out
of the store,
I ran up to her,
looked up into
her pretty
blue eyes,
tilted my head
a little to the right
(like Mama
taught me),
and the rest,
as they say,
was history!

She picked me up,
gave me
her burrito,
and let me sleep
on her lap.
I was muddy
and wet, but
she just
let me sleep,
all the way
to Colorado!

She calls me “Buddy”
’cause I’m friendly
to nearly everyone,
except scary people,
cats, and tree rats.
I always warn her
about those guys!
I don’t want her
to get hurt!

Oh, she’s
awake again!

Time for me
to go!

We’re supposed
to go for a walk
this morning.

I saw that tree rat
outside again and
I swear he was
taunting me!

I can’t wait until
I get hold of
that cheeky
little devil…

Buddy Lane,
Sweetie’s Assistant

© Elaine Wood-Lane (Sweetie)

Today’s prompt: Write a persona poem – a poem in the voice of someone else. Your persona could be a mythological or fictional character, a historical figure, or even an inanimate object.

Needless to say, I wrote my poem in the voice of my 13 pound Chihuahua, Buddy Lane. The story he tells is true. Alan does call me Sweetie and I do call him Honey. Oh, and Buddy does wake me up at 3:00 AM every single day. It’s ok, though, because no one is perfect, right?

Peace and love, Elaine