Until the Morning’s Dew|NaPoWriMo Day 21

When my eyelids fall so heavy
and my thoughts are all of You,
I know I’ll soon be sleeping
until the morning’s dew.

The moonlight falls so quietly
upon my windowpane
and the stars begin to twinkle
as the angels say Your name.

I try so hard to stay awake,
so I can really pray,
but You calm my restless spirit so
I have no words to say.

Just know that I do love You
and pray within my dreams,
that I’ll see You in the morning
when the morning dewdrops gleam.

© Elaine Wood-Lane

I got a couple of days behind. I think the prompts stymied me for a few days. I don’t know why. Sometimes, that is just the way it goes. Anyway, I apologize for getting behind and then slamming you with three poems in one day!


Sunday Poem, NaPoWriMo

I’m catching up with my weekend poems for the poem a day project through NaPoWriMo for the month of April, so please bear with me as this is the second poem of mine to be posted today! I have, through the years, tended to prefer free verse and haiku as my poetry writing style, but for some reason, over the last week, Dr. Seuss-esque rhythms and rhyming have taken my poetry over. I know not why. Anyway, here is Sunday’s poem.

He Is Risen!!

Easter morning dawn.
Women hurried to the tomb,
The tomb is empty!

He is risen!! He is risen indeed!
Life everlasting, will never be the same!

© Elaine Wood-Lane

Saturday Poem–NaPoWriMo

Ok, so, it seems I took the weekend off from writing poems, but they were brewing in my noggin. I just didn’t seem to have the wherewithal to get them written and posted. Here is the one for Saturday:

Near Covered Moon

Up long before dawn,
my husband and I,
drinking my coffee,
and praying.

My husband was going
for coffee with friends,
just about dawn,
when he called me
and said, “Look out at the moon,
the eclipse is beautiful, but you
better go soon…”

I stepped out on the porch
in my housecoat and slippers,
scanned the skies for the moon,
and saw the Big Dipper.

Then just above the mountains
to the west, I could see,
the lunar eclipse,
sitting beside historical
Pikes Peak.

I shot a photo with
my little iPhone,
and was shocked to
realize, I had actually
captured the near covered moon.

The photo, of course,
reveals none of the wonder,
the beauty and drama,
but I’ll always remember
the nip in the air,
the darkened sky,
and the near covered moon.

© Elaine Wood-Lane

NaPoWriMo-Day One

NaPoWriMo sounds like so much fun,

I’ll write a poem a day and lay out in the sun.

Well, probably not tomorrow, 

for the sun is disappearing.

Warm weather is shy, you see,

in the Colorado Spring.

The first year I lived here,

I thought spring would never come,

I thought I’d freeze to death,

before the lilac bushes bloomed.

Never mind all of that, though,

April is the month of poetry,

which I have always loved,

and so I am committing to

write a poem each day,

until we reach the end and

the merry month of May! 

©Elaine Wood-Lane


Honestly, I hardly ever write poetry in rhyme these days, but I just realized today was the start of NaPoWriMo and this is the first year I’ve participated.  Since it’s 9:44 at night, I just did a quick free write.  Hopefully, tomorrow’s offering will be better!   I’m so excited to be participating this year!  


(This is in Texas, not Colorado.  It is still mostly brown in Colorado, unfortunately.)