Dawn at the House

Dawn at the Lane House,
in the early morning light,
the flowers glow like sunshine,
and are such a pretty sight.

In the background are
the mountains,
where leaves will
start to turn,
the season is changing,
as the sunshine slowly burns.

These flowers were
just a wilderness,
two or three weeks ago,
and now they’ve bloomed to beauty,
and are worth more than
silver or gold.

© Elaine Wood-Lane

Sometimes the greatest beauty comes from the wildest, most unmanageable things in our lives. These sunflowers were a total mess about a month ago, taking over everything in the front flower beds and yard. We couldn’t even open our back gate on the south side of the yard because these plants had grown so wild, tall, and heavy. So I cleaned up the yard, chopped down some of the sunflower, mint, and purple thistle as well as some wild ash seedlings. Now, just a few weeks later, I don’t care if the entire yard is covered up with these sunflowers because they are beautiful, glowing, and cheerful. They seem like a message from God telling us that if He can turn a wild jungle mess into a beautiful sunflower garden, just imagine what He can do with us.

I hope you have a wonderful day and, if God chooses to make you into a beautiful sunflower garden, don’t resist Him too much. He knows what He’s doing, all the time!

Peace and love,