Monday Morning Haiku

Train whistle blowing.
Sun is mistily glowing.
Leaf drifts down from tree.
EWL 9.8.14

This is the last of my official gratitude lists. I’m three days behind on sharing these, but that makes them no less true or important to me. I am extremely grateful for all of these things:

1. A feeling of fall in the air with the sun moving to its autumnal position and the air cooling considerably more at night. I love waking up on fall mornings. The light of a fall morning is truly spectacular..
2. Good writers and good writing. I’ve been reading a lot lately and am always so grateful when I find a good writer to read. I’ve been reading old Christian romance novels (Grace Livingston Hill), Victor Frankl’s “Man’s Search for Meaning,” Malala Yousafza’s “I Am Malala,” a book on Quaker holy silence, and poetry of all kinds, but especially a book of Haiku I bought recently.
3. Haiku poetry. I love truly good haiku poetry. They are so simple, but communicate with such grace and beauty. I write haiku poetry, but in no way consider myself a master of the form.
4. Sunnyside Christian Church. I love going there to worship God on Sunday mornings. I enjoy worshipping God on all mornings, but there is something special about gathering with others to worship God together and remembering Jesus’ sacrifice through communion.
5. Good friends, both old and new. People become friends through shared experiences and love. Most of my best friends are ones with whom I have shared both joys and tragedies, laughter and tears.
6. The new chance I get every single morning to be a better person than I was the day before and to follow God’s path of love. God’s love is steadfast and never ceases. It is new every morning!
7. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. That is all I’ll say about that, but I couldn’t even begin this list without it every morning.
8. My wonderful, loving, thoughtful husband, Alan, who is so good to me. I love the fact that we can just look at each other sometimes and laugh together. I love the fact that, though we don’t live in each other’s pockets, we do enjoy just being around each other.
9. My wonderful, loving, gracious, merciful God my Father, Jesus my savior, and the Holy Spirit within me. I would truly be lost without them.


More Gratitude…

Oops! I forgot to list 3 positive gratitudes yesterday so today I’ll do 6!

I’m grateful for:

A little bit of food to stir in my pot. (1)

A little bit of love to warm my heart. (2)

And a little bit of wisdom to know
what’s good or not. (3)

A kind and gentle husband
to love me every day. (4)

A silly little dog who
thinks I hung the moon. (5)

And a loving God to take me home,
but Lord, I hope it’s not too soon! (6)

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday! Spread the joy!



Rare quiet stillness.
Moon glides over the mountains.
Sun rises gently.
EWL 9/2/14

i’ve been challenged twice to participate in the daily gratitude meme on Facebook. Truth be told, I should be considering all the gifts in this world that I am grateful for every single day of my life. I receive so much more than I give. It’s almost embarrassing how many gifts I receive every day that I don’t even realize I’ve received. Anyway, here are today’s gratitudes;

1. I am grateful for the quiet stillness of early mornings that allows me time and space to draw near to God before the day gets crazy.

2. I am grateful for God in all of His massive glory, wisdom, grace and love. Without Him, I might have survived life’s many turmoils and challenges, but not with the peace and strength He gave me and continues to give me.

3. I am grateful for the bubbly smiles of babies everywhere. I saw 2 yesterday while out and about and their effervescent spontaneous joy made me laugh and smile all over. If only we could be as real and sweet as babies.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and beautiful week!

Art Is the Big Yes

Eyes flutter open and poetic lines flitter across the barely wakened surface of my mind:

“Pray for mercy,

Pray for peace,

Pray for freedom’s
sweet release.

Pray for the day,
Pray for the night,

Never give up hope,

Or give up the fight.

Life may be shortened,
Life may be brief,
But most of us live longer,
Than our deepest of griefs.”

©Elaine Wood-Lane 8.5.14

The lines of the poem above did come to me this morning just as I described. I was not awake enough to write them myself. So, where does art come from? Why do we have moments of inspiration that seem to have no origin, but are as real as the air we are breathing? Is art something restricted to only the gifted or talented? Yes, but we’re all gifted or talented in some way!

Marvin Bell said, “Much of our lives involves the word ‘no.’ In school we are mostly told, ‘Don’t do it this way. Do it that way.’ But art is the big yes. In art, you get a chance to make something where there was nothing.”

Marvin Bell was a poet, but I think this applies to many things. Painting, drawing, graphic arts, photography, writing, music, cooking, writing code for software, inventing, homemaking, architecture, design, fashion, crafting, and on and on the list goes. My point is, we all create art in some form or other. Whenever you get out of the box and make something from nothing, you are an artist. You are fully alive. Art is, indeed, the big yes. Make a lifetime of somethings where, before you came to be, there was nothing.

“Wood Lane” by Claude Monet, 1876

The Family Rings

Have you ever started to write a story or tell a story and somehow it seems to fall flat? Maybe I was trying too hard.  I wanted to write  about when Grandma Gill gave me her mother’s ring.

Long story short (since I failed at the long story),  Grandma decided on one of our weekly Sunday afternoon visits that she wanted to distribute some of her things. This was in the summer of 1976.  Grandma was about 80 at the time.  I was 15, but still felt like a little girl when I was around my grandma.  Grandma was failing in health and mind and I guess she decided it was time. The first thing she took out was her jewelry box and out of that she withdrew her mother’s ring. She asked which of her daughters would like it. All four of them, Mary, Inez (my mother), Evelyn, and Doris were there. All of them were appalled Grandma was trying to give away her jewelry, especially her mother’s ring and all refused to take it! This hurt Grandma’s feelings mightily. She turned to me and asked me if I would like it. Seeing how hurt she was and feeling honored that she offered it to me, I told her I would love to have it if no one else wanted it. Mother was appalled because she thought it made me look “grabby.” Nonetheless, Grandma was delighted and put the ring on my finger. It was much too large and still is, but I love it and cherish it because it was Grandma Gill’s. I loved her dearly.

I also have a ring that was my second cousin, Cassie Price’s, ring. She never married and was like an aunt to me. When she passed away in her 80’s, her brother and his wife told me Cassie wanted me to have some jewelry of hers. I was one of the few people in the family with fingers as small as Cassie’s were, so I was given this lovely ruby ring, which I wear often.  I treasure it because I remember seeing Cassie wear it frequently. She was a lovely person. I only wish I could be as elegant as Cassie. She was the true definition of a refined lady.  I’m the true definition of a Texas tomboy I think!  (Please forgive this awful picture.  Not my prettiest hand shot, but an honest one.  When you work your hands as hard as I do, they tend to age quickly.)  

Family Rings

And now you know the story of two of the family rings!  There are other rings with more history, but those stories will be told another day.  I think I’ve blabbed on long enough for anyone!  Hug someone tonight and have a great evening!  



Happy Summer Solstice Saturday!

I don’t think Buddy understands me. I tell him, “Buddy, mama’s hot after vacuuming. I’m one big hot flash so I’m sitting in front of the A/C to cool off, alone, ok?” I sit down, take a sip of cold orange juice, and Buddy hops right up in my lap, stretches his hot little body out like Snoopy on his dog house and promptly falls asleep. *Sigh*. I must be super maternal or stupid because…I let him. I guess I needed some help resting after all. I just didn’t know it yet!

Happy Summer Solstice Saturday! Enjoy the longest day of daylight northern hemisphere!

Red Yarn

Red is the soft yarn,
Full of possibilities,
Warm cozy yarn love.


Life is full of possibilities every single day. We see and are given many beautiful gifts every moment, but often miss them because we are so focused on the past or the future or the pain of the present moment. When I look at a pretty, colorful skein of yarn, I see beauty and possibilities for creating and crafting a gift of love.

Embrace every moment in life. Look at the beauty around you that God has blessed you with. See the endless possibilities God has given you to show and give love.

Luk 6:38
Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”