Walking Among the Seasons|NaPoWriMo Day 29

My love and I wander along
the rose path of life,
sweet smelling, but also
bearing possible thorns.

We walk on through
the full summer night.
Moon shines on the ancient mountain
and we hear the murmur of the river
behind us.

We are quiet, but
slowly, a happy seed blossoms,
which will grow between our spirits
and will be seen in full bloom
in the summers of our future.

Then, God willing,
we will walk together through
colorful fall leaves,
and sacred, pure white snow,
before finally moving onto
the azure heavens,
where we will finally
get to meet Him together.

© Elaine Wood-Lane

The suggestion for today’s poem was to write a review in poetry form. I wasn’t too inspired to write a review so I decided to go another way where my thoughts have wandered lately. I think I might have spring fever!

Only one more day of daily poems to go! I’m hoping to keep up the momentum, however, and write on a more regular basis than I was before. I feel that my writing poetry muscle has been toned up and I don’t want to let it get flabby again!

Tomorrow is Poetry In My Pocket day. Look here for information on what it is and how you can participate! http://www.poets.org/national-poetry-month/poem-your-pocket-day?gclid=CP2m2LC0lsUCFdgDgQodk2EA3A

Peace and love,


Loving Our Earth|NaPoWriMo Day 23


When I was a child,
I remember the way,
trash littered the streets,
and also the leas,
there were bags like kites,
stuck in the trees.

One day I saw,
an ad on TV,
of an old Indian man,
seeing our trash everywhere,
on highways,
in rivers,
and the yellow smog air.

I suddenly realized,
how the things that we do,
were ruining the world,
and the beauty we knew.

Many were touched,
by the old Indian man,
and we started to care
for God’s beautiful land.

If only you had seen,
the mess we were in,
before we got smarter,
and began going green.

Our world is much cleaner,
but there’s still much to do,
we need mother earth
and she needs us too.

© Elaine Wood-Lane

Until the Morning’s Dew|NaPoWriMo Day 21

When my eyelids fall so heavy
and my thoughts are all of You,
I know I’ll soon be sleeping
until the morning’s dew.

The moonlight falls so quietly
upon my windowpane
and the stars begin to twinkle
as the angels say Your name.

I try so hard to stay awake,
so I can really pray,
but You calm my restless spirit so
I have no words to say.

Just know that I do love You
and pray within my dreams,
that I’ll see You in the morning
when the morning dewdrops gleam.

© Elaine Wood-Lane

I got a couple of days behind. I think the prompts stymied me for a few days. I don’t know why. Sometimes, that is just the way it goes. Anyway, I apologize for getting behind and then slamming you with three poems in one day!


My Favorite Place|NaPoWriMo Day Twelve

Following a stone pathway
down to a small brook gurgling
past a small cottage,
she sat down on a big log
by the brook, glancing
around her.

The smoke of burning pinion
from adobe chimneys
wafted through the air,
reminiscent of her favorite
place in autumn.

She loved the air here
any time of year,
but especially when
sunlight fell
mystical and gentle,
in air spicy and cozy.

In autumn,
giant cottonwoods clustered
along streams,
arroyos, and
the centuries old plaza,
   to land in colorful crunchy piles.

The old woman’s wrinkled face
in a thousand directions
  as she smiled brightly, realizing
  she was
      in her
                favorite place
      in her
                favorite season,

Taos, New Mexico,
truly, land of enchantment!

© Elaine Wood-Lane

Saturday Poem–NaPoWriMo

Ok, so, it seems I took the weekend off from writing poems, but they were brewing in my noggin. I just didn’t seem to have the wherewithal to get them written and posted. Here is the one for Saturday:

Near Covered Moon

Up long before dawn,
my husband and I,
drinking my coffee,
and praying.

My husband was going
for coffee with friends,
just about dawn,
when he called me
and said, “Look out at the moon,
the eclipse is beautiful, but you
better go soon…”

I stepped out on the porch
in my housecoat and slippers,
scanned the skies for the moon,
and saw the Big Dipper.

Then just above the mountains
to the west, I could see,
the lunar eclipse,
sitting beside historical
Pikes Peak.

I shot a photo with
my little iPhone,
and was shocked to
realize, I had actually
captured the near covered moon.

The photo, of course,
reveals none of the wonder,
the beauty and drama,
but I’ll always remember
the nip in the air,
the darkened sky,
and the near covered moon.

© Elaine Wood-Lane

NaPoWriMo-Day One

NaPoWriMo sounds like so much fun,

I’ll write a poem a day and lay out in the sun.

Well, probably not tomorrow, 

for the sun is disappearing.

Warm weather is shy, you see,

in the Colorado Spring.

The first year I lived here,

I thought spring would never come,

I thought I’d freeze to death,

before the lilac bushes bloomed.

Never mind all of that, though,

April is the month of poetry,

which I have always loved,

and so I am committing to

write a poem each day,

until we reach the end and

the merry month of May! 

©Elaine Wood-Lane


Honestly, I hardly ever write poetry in rhyme these days, but I just realized today was the start of NaPoWriMo and this is the first year I’ve participated.  Since it’s 9:44 at night, I just did a quick free write.  Hopefully, tomorrow’s offering will be better!   I’m so excited to be participating this year!  


(This is in Texas, not Colorado.  It is still mostly brown in Colorado, unfortunately.)

Sunshine Soaked Brain

High mountain sunshine,
so bright and light
this morning,
it tempted
my winter white skin.

There had been
too many clouds,
too many days,
both inside and out.

While elsewhere
others freeze and gaze
at blinding white light,
reflecting deep snow,

I walked in joy in
high mountain sunshine,
my dog at my side.

Returning home,
wondering what I was
supposed to do next,
smiling inanely,

I realized,
I had sunshine
soaked brain,
nothing going in,
nothing going out.

It was worth it…
One lovely day
of sunshine soaked brain.

©Elaine Wood-Lane


Sunday Sunrise

The leafless trees across the way,
are stark abstracts against the
dawn of day.

The little squirrel who slumbers
in a crook amidst the limbs,
awakes exactly when
the sun ray’s fingers
gently fall upon him.

He stretches and he runs a bit,
back and forth along the limb.
Who knew that squirrels
were joggers too,
who run each dawning
of the day?

imageThere are few birds to herald
the rising of the sun,
the morning has a muted silence,
as Sunday is begun.

It’s the perfect time for prayer,
or meditation if you wish,
a time to thank the Father
for sunrises such as this,
a time to sip one some coffee
and enjoy the sun’s first kiss.

©Elaine Wood-Lane

Signs of Life


Two feet away from me,
on the other side of the mini blinds
and the glass of a big window,
the sun is shining in that
special slant that only occurs
in the fall months.

The light is so ripe,
I can see the heaviness of
the air and the normally
invisible particles that
float in it everyday.

Sparkles in the air,
the gentle non-threatening
hum of a lazy, fat wasp,
green grass just now
drying from early
morning dew.

Perfect reading weather.
Perfect picnic and
napping weather.
Instead, we’re all
in our little cubes,
staring blankly ahead
at computer monitors,
headphones attached to our
heads, typing, mousing,
while our eyes get dried out
from not enough blinking.

Signs of life can’t be
seen on a computer screen.

Signs of life are outside,
in the heavy sunshine,
seen in the fuzz on the wasp’s back,
the dandelion fluff that makes
us sneeze,
and in the rise of blood to the
surface of our cheeks as we
get pleasantly sun-kissed.

We lie in the grass, reading
a good book, hands linked together,
and dozing off too long on
this lazy, September morn.

This is life.
Real life.
Sweat, sunburns,
and dreams,
while the wasps
drift by.

EWLane 9/16/14