COVID19 anyone?

These are strange days we are living in, aren’t they? How are you doing so far? I pray with all my heart you or your family hasn’t been ill with this dastardly bug. I know, unfortunately, that’s not likely. I think most of us have known someone who has been ill or has not survived it. So, how do we cope? How do you cope?

There are many ways to cope and those ways are as varied as there are people in the world. Some people get introspective. Others reach out to others more than ever, even if isolated. There’s cleaning, working, learning, shopping therapy, eating, cooking, binge watching TV and movies from thousands of outlets, reading, writing, taking up new hobbies, sex, sleeping, walking, hiking, rock climbing, driving, praying, meditating, singing, and worshipping God. I am sure I’ve barely scratched the surface here. The coping skills I’ve mentioned don’t even consider the mandatory items many of us have to consider such as working from home, homeschooling our children, laundry, and paying bills. It’s a wonder we’re coping at all!

Here’s what I’ve observed from my home and my little window to the world. Families and friends have grown closer and more loving. We’ve checked in with one another more. We’ve slowed down and, shockingly, enjoyed it! We’ve experienced more gratitude, shared with others more, and rediscovered pastimes we thought were outdated and old-fashioned just before this crisis began. We’ve discovered innovative ways to carry on in our professions. I’ve actually loved all the TV shows aired from homes. I’ve delighted in getting to observe the stars in their natural habitats without stylists and makeup artists. It’s awesome!

I’m not going to skip over the hardships though. I know many of you are lonely, stressed, and depressed. You’ve lost jobs, homes, and independence or even freedom. My heart breaks for those in nursing homes, senior living homes, and those in memory care, mental institutions, prisons, and, of course, hospitals.

I don’t have a pithy answer for those who’ve experienced these hardships. All I can honestly say is hang on! Don’t give up! One thing I do know for certain is this too shall pass! If a day seems too long to hang on, how about the next hour or five minutes? As my mother used to say to me, “Light somewhere and take a minute to settle down!” She knew if I would sit down, quit moving, be quiet, and take some deep breaths, I’d feel much better. She was right! If any of you know me in real life, you know I have a hard tome being still, even when sitting. I jiggle my legs, swing my feet, and dance in my chair! I’m getting better at being still though. Age has helped!

Well, I didn’t intend to write a novella here. I just wanted to check in on everybody and let you know I’ve been thinking of you, I love you, and I pray for all of us every day and night. Hang in there! This too shall pass!

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