Shuu rin – Autumn Rain (A Haibun for dVerse)

Driving to work in the heavy autumn rains, it felt like the sun had escaped our view forever. Where the sun shines 330 days a year, when the clouds come and darken our world, we freak out a bit and depression and edginess spreads over the town like the plague. Nonetheless, after a soggy, cool weekend, I had dropped my boys off at school and was headed to work at the Dermatology Clinic at the Medical School. I got halfway there, talking and begging my old white Audi, Blanche, to hang in there until I made it to work. Suddenly she sputtered and coughed. I patted the dashboard lovingly, speaking gently and encouragingly to her. That’s when all the lights flashed on my dashboard and I felt Blanche die and start floating in the rushing river of water that Brownfield highway had somehow become. Yikes! I was really floating! Just like those people on the news in other places! I willed Blanche to coast right, twisting her steering wheel hard to the right, hoping it would help. I felt her tires hit pavement and steered even harder. She stopped, right in the middle of the busiest traffic in town. I was stuck in the middle lane of a three lane highway and cars were whizzing by like SST’s. What was I going to do? Suddenly a huge truck pulled up and stopped in front of me while simultaneously its emergency flashers started blinking. A huge, young cowboy climbed out of the truck and made his way back to me. I opened my door to talk to him. “Ma’am, has she died completely? I’ll pull her over to the side if you’d like me to do so. My truck can take her easily.” As I looked into the man’s deep blue eyes, I had an inappropriate thought that he could take me easily too. I didn’t say that out loud, though, thank goodness! I didn’t want to be a stereotypical divorcee, embarrassingly lonely and obvious. “If you could do that, I’d really appreciate it! I’m afraid I’m going to cause a stack up if I don’t pull her over. What do I need to do?” “Not a thing! Just sit tight and I’ll hook her up! Then when I signal, put her in neutral and guide her to the parking lot over there.” Sitting in the car and being pulled over to the side, I had to smile. West Texans might be a lot of things, but unhelpful they were not. As my car coasted into the parking lot and I put her in park, the young man jumped out of his truck and came back, leaned in over the open door. “Do you need a ride to work? I’m headed over to the main campus.” My day, even in the heavy fall rain, suddenly had sunlight.

Heavy, bruising rain,
Ice cold and relentlessly dull,
Making new rivers.

© D. Elaine Wood-Lane

The Haibun prompt from dVerse Poets ( was to use one of the Japanese words for rain as the title and to describe the type of rain being written about. A Haibun consists of a non-fiction paragraph followed by a haiku to summarize and deconstruct the main point of the prose paragraph. This is my offering today as a memory came to me of a heavy rainy day when a kind stranger towed my car to the side of the road.


  1. kanzensakura says:

    Oh wow, a blue eyed cowboy. I’m in love…. this was scary but it had a good ending with his kindness. The haiku says it all about the rain. I hope something else came of that blue eyed cowboy but I just have a thing for fairy tale endings. Excellent write and thrilling!

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  2. Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it!


  3. PS No fairy tale ending… He was too young! 😉


  4. Josslyn Rae Turner says:

    A scary predicament becomes a dream in reality! 🙂

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  5. I love the helpfulness… we need more of that… and I hope your sweet Audi was saved in the end too… (that’s another fairy tale)

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  6. This is a wonderful story but what a scary experience for you and poor moribund Blanche. I hope she pulled through. If any car could, an Audi would.

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  7. whimsygizmo says:

    I like the hope that comes with “making new rivers.” 🙂


  8. I love this story. Well done. 🙂

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  9. Quite a story! Glad there was a “knight” in a cowboy hat!

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  10. Now that is an experience to remember. Thank God for the helpful stranger!

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  11. A Friend to lend
    a hand in storms
    unexpected is certainly
    a Rain oF Life to Love
    when Humans
    what they
    are as
    Drops of Love’s
    Home in Being Human..

    Rain drops
    oF Love
    FaLLinG HOme..:)

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  12. Grace says:

    Good thing there was a helping hand. Enjoyed your haibun.

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  13. Rosemary Nissen-Wade says:

    A lovely story, and I very much like the haiku too.

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  14. Mish says:

    What an ordeal that must have been and scary to be stranded while other cars are whizzing by. This made me smile as your thoughts went beyond rescue to your rescuer’s blue eyes. Your haiku shone through the rain.

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  15. Thanks to all of you for reading my Haibun and responding so positively! I really appreciate it! I no longer have the Audi. She lasted a couple more years and then I traded her in for a VW Fox. I should have kept the Audi!


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