Waking Up at 4:49 AM (dVerse Haibun Monday)

Monday at dVerse Poet’s Pub, they were writing Haibun to the theme of an ordinary day–one paragraph and a Haiku that includes reference to nature and a season. I’m two days late and a dollar short, but hopefully I’m not too late to participate.

Each morning I feel a stirring by my side and then hear a fake cough or sneeze from my 12 pound bundle of Chihuahua mix joy known as Buddy. This is his first signal of telling me it’s time to get up. I keep my eyes closed until I hear him fake cough a couple more times and comes up to touch my face with his nose. I open my eyes and say, “Right on time, aren’t you Buddy? Give me just a minute.” He immediately goes to perch on the end of the bed, waiting for me to sit up, put on my glasses, and then grab his collar. I stand up and Buddy stretches his neck out, tilting his head to make it easy to slip the collar onto his neck. I pick him up with one hand under his belly and lower him to the floor where he immediately scampers to the back door in the kitchen. I open it to let him out to nature’s call, feeling the cool moist spring air rush in and seeing the fingers of dawn peeking over the horizon. Time for coffee!

Cool moist air wafts by.

Fingers of dawn peek over.

Spring time has broken. 

D. Elaine Wood-Lane 



  1. Really lovely! I have a cat who doesn’t need to be let out but she does sit at the edge of the bed and stares at me eloquently: feed me! feed me! feed me!

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    1. I have a cat who stares at me from the window like that! It’s funny how they can say so much without words, isn’t it? Thanks so much for reading my haibun and liking it!


      1. It really was a pleasure!


  2. Ah.. they do know how to give us what we want. I wonder who they believe are the masters of the house really… maybe silently they analyze the best way to coerce you to do their bidding… he he,

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  3. Grace says:

    Love fingers of dawn peeking at the sky and such a gorgeous picture ~ Thanks for joining in ~

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  4. I know of what you speak…our dogs rule our lives. My second haibun speaks to the same thing. This is a delight. Lovely photo. Looks familiar.


    1. The location, that is.


      1. I live in Colorado Springs, CO, Victoria. That is Cheyenne Mountain from my backyard. So, if you live here, that’s why! 🙂


  5. kanzensakura says:

    Hooray for Buddy. I love how he wakes you and yet, waits for you. What a lovely daily ritual this is. Thank you for sharing it with us.


  6. What a lovely haiku. I can feel the early morning air.

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