Story Backwards/NaPoWriMo Day 28

Sleeping in Nebraska.
Crossing the Mississippi and Missouri rivers.
Saying goodbye to family in Illinois.
Visiting, laughing, tears,
meals, and many, many hugs.
Ever been to the Real Cheese Place
in Jaynesville, Wisconsin? (I did!)
Seeing the Windy City (called thus
because of its big stories) on a
windy, cold day.
Lake Michigan threw up
big green waves!
Walking and talking
and walking around a smaller lake
in sunshine with son and grandson.
Crossing the Missouri and Mississippi rivers.
Sleeping in Nebraska.
On the road again!
Saturday morning!

© Elaine Wood-Lane

The challenge was to write a poem telling a story…backwards. This was my week, backwards, except I cheated a bit. I’m a day late so am once again sleeping in Nebraska before hitting the road (tomorrow) on Saturday morning, this time to reach home.

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