I Remember/NaPoWriMo Day 29

I remember my first day of first grade, 1968.
I remember skinned knees and going to bed in
pink foam rollers the night before.
I remember two boys fighting at recess
over who would be my boyfriend.
I remember laughing so hard at
Roy David’s joke that milk shot
out of my nose!
I remember that’s when he decided
he loved me.

I remember the first time my heart
was truly broken.
I remember his name was Robbie
and we were in fourth grade.
I remember he said
he wanted to be my friend,
but loved Tammy Paden
because she
had really long blond hair
AND liked to play baseball.

I remember I had a new love
the next day.
I remember his name was Scott.

© Elaine Wood-Lane

The challenge today was to write an “I remember” poem with as much detail as possible.

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