Unprepared for Take Off

Beautiful prose poem by Joseph Hesch….

A Thing for Words


For weeks we’ve waited, peeking through the lacy front door curtain as a pair of house finches set to keeping their own house in our covered entryway. One day there was nothing but lazy disinterest in the swale of the too-late-removed Easter wreath. The next, I found a mesh of twigs, sprigs and finch spit. And inside I spied an egg, light sky blue with reddish dots at one end. Eventually, five potential finches grew in the goo within their thinly armored launchpads. Mama finch would sit dutifully upon her someday quints, bursting for the skeleton red maple out front only when the tread of threat approached the doorway. Her mate would stand astride the gutter along the roofline, staring red-headed avian wrath upon any who might crash their birthday party. But today, they’re gone, taken off, their nest deserted, save for that first egg. At the bottom of the…

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Chicago Spring/NaPoWriMo Day 26

Gray skies hanging low,
The lake, trees and grass were green,
Spring in Chicago.

© Elaine Wood-Lane

I think the challenge yesterday was to write a call and response poem. The call to me yesterday was the wild beauty of Lake Michigan. I didn’t capture the best shot (we were driving down the street), but the waves were crashing in the wind. And they lake truly was a gorgeous green color. The only problem was that wind off the lake made it COLD!