Jesus!/NaPoWriMo Day 7


Oh, how I love Jesus!
He took away my sins,
Refilling me with purist joy.

Once filled with sensuous joy,
erased by my risen Jesus,
who bleached white my bloody sins.

Shameful days of selfish sins,
giving only passing, empty joy,
Soul now filled with Jesus.

Jesus washed my sins away, filling my soulful days with true, eternal joy.

© Elaine Wood-Lane


Today’s challenge was to write a Tritina poem. A Tritina poem has three line stanzas  with the final word of each line being one of three words in an ABC, CAB, BCA form with a final concluding line including all three words. My three words were, obviously, joy, Jesus, and sins.

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  1. This is an excellent Tritina poem–‘specially the subject matter. God bless.


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