Let Them Eat Cake!

A delighted smile of fondness
spread over his face when we
ran into one another quite by accident.

We shared a warm hug and
a moment of closeness in honor
and memory of our long ago friendship.

As we caught up with each other
in those brief moments,
out of the blue he brought up
a memory that I had nearly forgotten:

Triple chocolate homemade cake
to be precise, made for his birthday
25 years ago because he said he
missed the tradition
since his mother moved away.

His mother made him that cake every year
for his birthday, thus showering him with
a love enveloped in chocolate
and the care and time it took to make it.

Sometimes the simplest of gestures,
such as getting a recipe from a mother,
and baking a cake,
are all it takes to show love and care.

Let them eat cake!

© Elaine Wood-Lane

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