Please Wait…

This week has been a wild ride

 in more ways than usual.

First it snowed so much that,

  no one could ride anywhere.

Then I started a new job,

 where I arrived by sheer luck

 for training, training, training,

 and, did I mention, training?

My mind is not as elastic as it used to be.

A complete two inch binder 

 of information,

 about caring for the elderly, 

 was crammed into my mind this week.

I wonder what info was lost?

I guess if I run into you and smile and say, 

  “Hiiiii! How are you doing?”

    and never say your name,

    You’ll know your name was some data 

   that was overwritten or lost. Please forgive me.

My mind decided knowing CPR was more 

  important than names of dear friends,

  and that knowing how to help an

  elderly person fall gently

   is more important than

  my passwords for

  OverRide and GoodReads.

So what I’m saying is…

  if you run into me somewhere and,

  I seem a little distracted and blank faced,

  it’s because I lost part of my data

  this week and I’m trying to recover it.

Please wait…


©Elaine Wood-Lane


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