Hi Ho, Hi Ho

Hi ho, hi ho, It's off to work I go, Where I find the joy And pleasure of  Helping others daily. I find the hidden treasures Of life among the elderly! They have so much to share, If you stop and listen well, Their wisdom truly is, The best beyond compare!   © Elaine Wood-Lane 2/19/16

My Morning Thus Far…Sidetracked Much?

Dory Lane

A major fault of mine when I’m cleaning house is a tendency to get sidetracked by…anything! This morning is a perfect example: I start laundry, sit down a moment to message some people. Washer finishes. I go and switch loads–towels in the dryer, whites in the washer. Come back, get broom to sweep kitchen floor. Realize I still have a Christmas tin that contained popcorn in the corner of the kitchen on the floor. I pick it up and think, “Wow! This would be perfect to put my current yarn project in! I could poke a hole in the plastic part of the lid and voila! Instant yarn holder. Except the Christmas scenes are a bit much. I think I have some shelf lining paper that I could put on the outside to make it pretty. Where is that? Hmmm, I think it’s in the basement storage area.” 

I proceed…

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