Arming the Next Shooter

Excellent article that speaks so well to the much too common violence and mayhem occurring in our world these days. Please read it and absorb its wisdom and common sense into your heart. Then turn off your gadgets! Peace and love, Elaine 💜💜

Tír na nOuray

shootingYesterday, here in my beloved hometown of Colorado Springs, at a Planned Parenthood clinic, we had the second mass shooting in as little as a few weeks. I wish first to express my deepest condolences to those families and friends affected by this kind of ludicrous violence that is becoming a regular phenomenon in American culture. I also want thank CSPD for their quick response and selfless actions to “Protect and Serve” in its best definition.

Sadly this will not be the last time we deal with this kind of violence and indiscriminate death. This is a cultural problem in ways that I don’t think we truly comprehend or appreciate. We howl and rightfully express outrage at Daesh and Al Qaeda for their bloodlust. In truth, however, we have serious problems with domestic terrorismon almost a monthly basis and we are not addressing the problem.

We have yet to…

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