Can’t Sleep? Write Something…

Between two snorers,
One a dog and one a man,
Fans nearly drown sounds…

More thoughts come at night,
When paper is nowhere near.
This time iPhone appeared.

Body is aching,
My old heart did some breaking,
That happens when friends
Go to heaven.
They’re happy, so happy,
But we grow oh so sad.

I found out today that a wonderful woman I had known since 1987, Carrie Wardroup, passed away last month. Today was her 80th birthday and I was going to wish her a happy birthday on Facebook as we do these days, and instead learned she had moved to heaven last month. I instantly burst into sobs and tears. My throat throbbed, my heart ached and, I just hurt.

I first met Carrie at TTUHSC when she worked in OB/GYN. She called me to tell me I was pregnant and congratulated me two hours before I miscarried. It was the last time I was ever pregnant. Carrie called me at home the next day to check on me, not as part of her job, but because that was just Carrie. She cared about people. We became instant friends even though we worked in different departments.

Fast forward six or seven years and suddenly we worked for the same pediatric clinic at TTUHSC, the CARE Center. I was her supervisor, which felt weird at first, but worked out fine. How often does one get to supervise a good friend that you think of as a mentor? I think we both learned from each other. We also had a lot of fun, shared joy, worries and griefs. She was 26 years older than me, but taught me how to be young as long as we live. She will always be a part of my heart and who I am. As a matter of fact folks, you can blame/credit Carrie for setting my weird, wild daring sense of humor free.

I’ll love you forever,
You’ll always be close,
I get to talk last,
So this time,
I love YOU most!

Viva los zapatas Carrie!!! 😂

Elaine Wood-Lane

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