Beautiful Quiet London Morning


We woke up early, you and I,
and I was soothed by the
whisper quiet breeze through
the tree outside our window
and your warm arms around me.

No cars, no loud people,
just quiet sunshine and
lovely fresh air.

Where is the noise?
Little birds cheeping from
across the park.
Where is the fog and overcast skies?
Only sunshine through thin,
wispy layered, not really there clouds.

This is not what I expected
in the middle of London.
Enchantment is not advertised
as one of London’s qualities.

Now, an hour later,
the city is slowly awaking.
Distant sounds are heard,
but the one most clear is
the solid reassuring tones
of the hourly church bells.

© Elaine Wood-Lane


  1. tasia says:

    The title sounds too beautiful to be real for me. London and quiet rarely goes together on the same sentence … but if you experience it, that is good!

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    1. Oh, I agree! We’re at Victoria Station now and all quiet is gone! It was beautiful while it lasted though!

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      1. tasia says:

        Ouch. Victoria is quite a busy station. When I was there what can I see is a blur picture of everybody moving so fast and long queue on the gate. Visit Manchester! Here it is much quieter for a big city 😉

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