Rainy, cool Friday

Rainy, cool Friday,

perfect for daydreams and sleep.
May flowers are wet.

Inside warm and dry,
with a puppy on my lap,
sleeping and dreaming.

I have work to do,
cleaning the house and hooking.*
Still, I sit idle.

Anxiety grows,
I need to get moving fast.
Still, I sit idle.

I slept all morning.
I need to make up lost time.
Still, I sit idle.

Gray skies and raining,
Aren’t conducive to working.
So I write poetry.

© Elaine Wood-Lane

*In this case, hooking means crocheting. I’m going out of the country for a couple of weeks a week from tomorrow. I’m crocheting a scarf to take on the trip.

In rainy weather, I tend to take on the persona of a snail. I move slowly, but surely. I’ll get everything done, but I work slowly and turn on the heat two days before the deadline usually. Then, bingo! I’m done!

Have a great weekend everyone! Peace and love, Elaine

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