In Dawn’s Early Light–NaPoWriMo for Monday

Awake at 3:15 in the morning again.
My dog, Buddy, and I have getting
out of the bed quietly down to a fine art.
We don’t want to wake my husband.
I wouldn’t want anyone else to be
awakened at this early hour, even
my worst enemy, much less my husband,
whom I actually like as well as love.

After leaving the bedroom, Buddy
and I are on automatic pilot.
I pad to the restroom, wash my hands,
put on my bathrobe, and then pad
down the hall to the kitchen where
I let Buddy out the back patio door
while I start making my first cup of coffee.
I thank the Keurig coffee maker for existing.

I let Buddy back in from the deep dark,
give him a treat, pick up my coffee cup,
and then into the living room we go.
He settles in the middle of the floor,
staring at his treat as though it is planning a
great escape just to vex him.
I turn on my lamp by hitting it’s button on
the floor with my foot.
Gentle light pools around my chair.
I sink down into my chair,
take a sip of coffee, pray,
and then pick up my iPad so I can
read a while and then write a while,
if my writing muse has awakened, that is.

I once thought my dad was insane to
arise at 4:00 every morning and could
no more understand why he did it than
he could understand why I slept until 7:00
every morning when I had to be at work at 8:00,
getting my sons ready for school and there
before work.

I understand him now when he said,
“I get up at 4:00 because I wake up at 4:00
and know I’m not going to be able to go back to sleep.”
It must be an age related, inherited trait.

Finally at 6:00 AM, my sweet husband
arises sleepily, and goes through much
the same routine I did earlier.

After his cup of coffee is ready and
we kiss good morning,
I realize that dawn is peeking
through the curtains that cover
the east side patio doors.
I go to the backyard to watch
the sun come up.

I love watching the sun arise
so quietly.

In the dawn’s early light I realize,
I’ve been up for over three hours and,
suddenly I’m very, very sleepy.

© Elaine Wood-Lane

Sunday Poem, NaPoWriMo

I’m catching up with my weekend poems for the poem a day project through NaPoWriMo for the month of April, so please bear with me as this is the second poem of mine to be posted today! I have, through the years, tended to prefer free verse and haiku as my poetry writing style, but for some reason, over the last week, Dr. Seuss-esque rhythms and rhyming have taken my poetry over. I know not why. Anyway, here is Sunday’s poem.

He Is Risen!!

Easter morning dawn.
Women hurried to the tomb,
The tomb is empty!

He is risen!! He is risen indeed!
Life everlasting, will never be the same!

© Elaine Wood-Lane

Saturday Poem–NaPoWriMo

Ok, so, it seems I took the weekend off from writing poems, but they were brewing in my noggin. I just didn’t seem to have the wherewithal to get them written and posted. Here is the one for Saturday:

Near Covered Moon

Up long before dawn,
my husband and I,
drinking my coffee,
and praying.

My husband was going
for coffee with friends,
just about dawn,
when he called me
and said, “Look out at the moon,
the eclipse is beautiful, but you
better go soon…”

I stepped out on the porch
in my housecoat and slippers,
scanned the skies for the moon,
and saw the Big Dipper.

Then just above the mountains
to the west, I could see,
the lunar eclipse,
sitting beside historical
Pikes Peak.

I shot a photo with
my little iPhone,
and was shocked to
realize, I had actually
captured the near covered moon.

The photo, of course,
reveals none of the wonder,
the beauty and drama,
but I’ll always remember
the nip in the air,
the darkened sky,
and the near covered moon.

© Elaine Wood-Lane

Bake for them two

Wow! Such a good and thoughtful post on how we Christians should be with regard to loving one another, whomever that “another” is!

Ten Thousand Places

gay weddingIn Jesus’ time, the nation of Israel was under Roman rule. The Israelites were allowed to live there and practice their faith for the most part, but they had to pay taxes to Caesar and obey the Roman laws.

To the Israelites, the Romans were evil and ungodly. They had no place ruling over God’s chosen people in God’s chosen nation. That land had been promised to Moses and his descendants when God brought them out of Egypt. Their very presence in the land was blasphemous.

One of the Roman laws stated that any man could be required to drop what he was doing and carry a Roman soldier’s equipment for him for up to a mile. In the sermon on the mount, with his followers gathered around him, Jesus referenced that law and told his followers what they should do in that case:

“If anyone forces you to go…

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