Friday, Friday

I started out my Friday

in a terror and a rant.

I felt all mean and jittery, and,

when looking at the day ahead,

simply thought, “I can’t.”

I decided drinking coffee,

and taking a hot shower,

were sure to fix me up,

but instead they made me glower!

Then my husband said,

“Oh sweetie!

Could you maybe cut my hair?

We’ve plenty of time before,

we have to be somewhere!”

I looked at him in shock,

I looked at him real mean,

I couldn’t believe

he had the nerve,

to ask me such a thing!

I said a little prayer,

as I got out the shears,

“Lord, please help me settle down,

or I might cut off his ears!”

His hair cut went just fine,

I drove him straight to work,

then came home

and made some tea, wondering,

“Why was I a jerk?”

I still felt mean and jittery,

when suddenly I thought,

“Oh lord, I forgot

to take my pills last night!

No wonder I am hot!”

So, Friday, Friday,

husband and the world,

I’d like to say I’m sorry,

for being a mean girl!

The rest of Friday will be fine,

of that I am quite sure,

because I took my pills just now,

and prayed to God above,

that He’d show me

how to be nice again, and only do His will.

©Elaine Wood-Lane 4/3/15

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