Front Window

(Ironically, I was distracted by the snow and forgot to post this poem earlier today when I wrote it and added the photos. It has now snowed quite a bit more!)


Snow storm of the season!
Six inches to eighteen inches possible!
Stay at home!
Services cancelled!

These are the sound bytes we’ve
been hearing since Thursday
here in Colorado.

Has it snowed? Sure!
Has it been the storm of the season?
Maybe? It has had its moments.
Are we staying at home?
Well, yes, today we are.

I find it amusing how “SENSATIONAL”
news has become over the years.
When I was a child, we listened
to farm weather reports on the radio
every morning because my dad
was a former farmer.

The weather report was delivered
in a monotonic voice with very basic facts,
when the next precipitation was expected,
and maybe if the
temperature was going to drop below zero
or over 107, the reporter would speak a little louder.
We got the point, nonetheless.
Imagine that!

These are things I’m thinking as I watch
it snow intermittently this morning,
first in almost microscopic fine flakes
and then in the big, gorgeous Santa Claus flakes
we see on Christmas specials in December.

My front patio has been redecorated by the
hands of old man winter, and, for once,
looks rather stylish with the added
layer of snow.

I thought I’d share it with you before
the next sensational weather event occurs
and erases it all with its carelessness.

©Elaine Wood-Lane 2/22/15





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