Stories…The Fabric of My Life

Stories really are the fabric of my life, both stories told and stories written.  I love to read, listen to, and tell stories.  I think I come by this honestly.  Mother was a natural born storyteller and would tell anyone anything they wanted to know about family history, old or current, including things we didn’t want her to tell!  Imagine my surprise when I realized several years ago that I am just like Mother.  I can talk the socks off of people without even trying, telling stories, giving examples of similar events, or just being excited to meet someone new.  This drives my sons, daughter-in-law, and husband nuts sometimes.  Somehow I’ve gone from being a quiet, shy little girl to a middle-aged woman who never met a stranger.  I’m one of those women who can see an interesting person at the grocery store and just start visiting with them OR, and this has happened a lot too, someone will just start visiting with me!  It’s delightful!  There are so many wonderful, interesting people out there in the world and each and every one of them has a story.  I guess I love listening to their story.  Sometimes they just need to tell their story because no one has ever listened, or they are in a very stressful or sad time in their life, or they are so excited about something new in their life that they just have to tell someone!

In the interest of preserving good relationships with my family and friends by not driving them crazy telling stories, I’ve decided I am going to write them here and share them with you.  On the plus side, the people who have shared their stories with me, just to be heard, will be heard again, anonymously of course, because most of them never even told me their names or I’ve forgotten.  I find it interesting that often I don’t recall names of people who have told me their stories, but I never forget their face or their story.  So, without further ado, later today, I will post my first short story about a woman I met at Walmart many years ago on Christmas Eve.  I hope you come back to read it!

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