Spoons, Beans and the Science of Crash Calculations!

Spoons, Sailing, CRPS and Penguins

Chronic fatigue crashesFrom Sweet Briars Sisters blog

I have mentioned the Spoon Theory before, however I came across this lovely little visual piece that uses beans.  Although the writer of this piece mentions CFS this can be applied to other medical conditions such as CRPS, Fibromyalgia, etc. too.  

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Front Window

(Ironically, I was distracted by the snow and forgot to post this poem earlier today when I wrote it and added the photos. It has now snowed quite a bit more!) FRONT WINDOW Snow storm of the season! Six inches to eighteen inches possible! Stay at home! Services cancelled! These are the sound bytes we've …

Sunshine Soaked Brain

High mountain sunshine, so bright and light this morning, it tempted my winter white skin. There had been too many clouds, too many days, both inside and out. While elsewhere others freeze and gaze at blinding white light, reflecting deep snow, I walked in joy in high mountain sunshine, my dog at my side. Returning …

Counting Blessings….

Still in pjs and housecoat, Sipping coffee, Listening to iTunes shuffle, opera to the Cranberries, Looking at the family budget, Dog dreaming on my lap, Minor fibromyalgia pain so far, Husband in the home office, Son sleeping downstairs, Healthy grandson, papa and mama In Illinois. Count your many blessings, Name them one by one. Life …