Sing! Sing! Sing!

The best way to start the day (after prayer or meditation) is to sing along with some of your favorite songs or to just sing! Good for your spirits and your physical body too! (Singing in the shower at top volume clears up your lungs and sinuses!)

So, my charge to you today is SING! It doesn’t matter if you’re tone deaf, the point is to sing and express yourself! If so moved, dance along with your singing! Pretend you’re 5 years old again, singing like a rock star, while you’re swinging on the backyard swingset. (Yes, I did that. My best friend and I used to make up our own songs while we swang and sang.)

Regardless of your current physical health, state of mind, or where you are along your spiritual journey, singing a good song at the top of your lungs will bless your day and make you feel like a new person.

Some of my favorite memories are when I was crooning to my babies, singing goodnight silly songs to my growing little boys, singing to the sick and dying, and singing to my honey in the car on the way to work while seat-dancing. (I didn’t say that was their favorite memories, but they are mine.) Singing is one of the best things you can do in life, especially with others. I remember singing with my Dad when I was small and also when he was very old. One afternoon he was trying to remember the words to a hymn he wanted sung at his funeral. We ended up singing that song (If We Never Meet Again This Side of Heaven) and then other hymns together. His voice was rough and aged, but he could still carry a tune well and mine was the alto/soprano confusion it always is. That moment was so good, however, that I will never forget it.

Music is a great blessing, especially when we make it ourselves! Don’t just listen to the “stars” sing. Sing yourself! Do it by yourself if you’re self-conscious about it. Well, on that note, I’m going to go sing in the shower! Happy Saturday!