Sing! Sing! Sing!

The best way to start the day (after prayer or meditation) is to sing along with some of your favorite songs or to just sing! Good for your spirits and your physical body too! (Singing in the shower at top volume clears up your lungs and sinuses!)

So, my charge to you today is SING! It doesn’t matter if you’re tone deaf, the point is to sing and express yourself! If so moved, dance along with your singing! Pretend you’re 5 years old again, singing like a rock star, while you’re swinging on the backyard swingset. (Yes, I did that. My best friend and I used to make up our own songs while we swang and sang.)

Regardless of your current physical health, state of mind, or where you are along your spiritual journey, singing a good song at the top of your lungs will bless your day and make you feel like a new person.

Some of my favorite memories are when I was crooning to my babies, singing goodnight silly songs to my growing little boys, singing to the sick and dying, and singing to my honey in the car on the way to work while seat-dancing. (I didn’t say that was their favorite memories, but they are mine.) Singing is one of the best things you can do in life, especially with others. I remember singing with my Dad when I was small and also when he was very old. One afternoon he was trying to remember the words to a hymn he wanted sung at his funeral. We ended up singing that song (If We Never Meet Again This Side of Heaven) and then other hymns together. His voice was rough and aged, but he could still carry a tune well and mine was the alto/soprano confusion it always is. That moment was so good, however, that I will never forget it.

Music is a great blessing, especially when we make it ourselves! Don’t just listen to the “stars” sing. Sing yourself! Do it by yourself if you’re self-conscious about it. Well, on that note, I’m going to go sing in the shower! Happy Saturday!

Happier Day Ever After

I awoke all
vim and vigor,
the day would
be full of fun!

I’d run
away to the mountains,
and devil may care I’d be;
heck the way I was feeling,
I could drive from
sea to sea!

Alas, a few hours in,
before I even started,
my vim
began to dim,
and my vigor was
long departed.

I then succumbed
to the sofa, with
my dog, and
waning vim;
Before long
all was silent,
but for
our symphony
of snoring hmmms.

Awake again,
I found it too late,
to run away
to the mountains,
much less from
sea to sea!

Instead I found,
a day of quiet:
sunshine on a
a simple walk,
a book of hope
and laughter,
I wrote a poem,
and gave thanks
in prayer,
for my happier
day ever after.

©D. Elaine Wood-Lane



I want the whole world to know I am now a Grandmama!!

Milo was born yesterday afternoon, 1/24/15, at 4:04 in the afternoon in Aurora, IL. He weighed 7 pounds and 13 ounces and was 20 inches long. Mama, Papa, and baby are all doing well, although little Milo did put his mother through a long and arduous labor.

Grandmama Lane, who had anxiously been “nesting” at home and awaiting news of progress of the labor and delivery yesterday, had this to say when she finally received the call that her grandson had been born, “Oh! It’s a boy!! Is he ok? Is Erin ok? I’m SO excited!” and then proceeded to do the happy dance right in the middle of the living room floor and in front of God and everybody. Grandpapa Lane was quoted as saying, “So it’s a boy! Are Erin and the baby both doing well? Oh, good grief, Dee, quit that!! You’re going to hurt yourself!!” Needless to say, Grandmama and Grandpapa Lane are very proud of the new addition to the family!

Of course, being the sentimental poet that I am, had to write a poem after I slept long through the night to recover from my happy dancing.


one new little human.
Another branch on
a large family tree
that has been battered,
riven, grafted, and
survived to put on
new branches and
leaves of love.

a four letter word
attached to a precious,
new little boy
who made me a

a new sweet,
tender spot of love
that instantly grew
in my heart forever.

a little boy who
I hope will call me,
in that sweet little
boy way that
melts hearts.

a new son who
gave my son a
completely new
gentle, mature, proud,
tone of voice instantly.

I can’t wait to
meet you and
hold your little
body in the same
arms I held your
dad in when he
was brand new too.

a name that will
always equal
all of us.

we thank God
for the blessing
of you.

©D. Elaine Wood-Lane


Come on Baby! Let’s Get Started!

My daughter-in-law is in the last days of her pregnancy. As we all wait with excited anticipation for the birth of her and my eldest son’s first baby, I have been drawn back in time to remembering those last days of my pregnancy with my son. As any woman who has been in those last days of pregnancy knows, they are full of a combination of growing discomfort, nervous excitement, a strong wish to get the birth over with, and, for a first time mother, a little bit of fear of the as yet unknown travails of labor and delivery. I remember mostly sleepless nights because there is no comfortable position to lay when one is big with baby. For me, heartburn raged, my back constantly ached, and the only way I could truly lay down and still breathe was semi-curled up on my left side like a beached whale. If I did happen to drift off to sleep, I was soon awakened by toe-curling leg cramps that could only be alleviated by lumbering out of bed and walking the charlie horses out. If leg cramps didn’t wake me up from my light, uncomfortable sleep, then the urgent need to empty my squashed bladder did. Fun times for sure! Yet, still, there was the almost constantly held breath of waiting for labor to begin.

101 years ago today my paternal grandmother, Maud Lee Spence Wood, was in the same expectant position, awaiting the birth of her third child, my father. However, where I and my daughter-in-law waited/wait in comfortable apartments with soft carpets, tight walls, running water, electricity, and central heat, in a modern city of thousands, my grandmother waited in a wooden house on the southern end of the great plains. The house had been built by her husband, George Washington Wood, after they arrived in Lubbock County, Texas in a covered wagon a few months earlier in October, 1913. They traveled 350+ miles from Dallas County to Lubbock County in that wagon with their first two children, Harrel D. and Jewel, and all their worldly goods. I’ve often tried to imagine what that trip was like for my grandmother, and, quite frankly, I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around it.

Now, here they were, 101 years ago today, waiting for their third child. I don’t know anything about my dad’s birth other than that it occurred at home in that little house on the prairie, hopefully assisted by a doctor or at least a midwife. Daddy arrived on January 23, 1914 and wasn’t named L.D. Wood until six weeks (months?) later because George and Maud couldn’t agree on a name for him! This was how Daddy’s long, full life began. He lived to be just shy of 93 years old and the world changed drastically in those years.

As we wait for Baby Cooley now, L.D. Wood’s great-grandchild, I can’t help but wonder what their life will be like and how the world will change in their lifetime. In three generations, the world has been transformed from wagons, rudimentary Ford Model T cars or trains for transportation, letters or telegrams for communication, primarily lanterns for light, wood stoves for heat and cooking, and no indoor plumbing to fast, computerized cars, trains, buses, and airplanes for transportation, 24/7 instant communication via high speed internet and cell phones, electricity (provided by a variety of energy sources), indoor plumbing and central heat and air. Our modern hospitals are prepared for any health needs or emergencies, including labor and delivery.

My grandfather died of pneumonia contracted while sick with the Spanish Influenza in 1920 at the age of 42. There were no antibiotics to treat pneumonia or anything else yet. My father lived 93 years and died of Alzheimer’s and old age, essentially. How long will Baby Cooley live? 100 years? 120 years? That’s not as improbable as one might think given the progress of modern medicine.

Regardless, as we await Baby Cooley’s entrance into this world, my constant, grandmotherly prayer is that the birth will be easy and uneventful for my lovely daughter-in-law, that Baby Cooley will be healthy and strong, and that they will live a life as long, full of grand adventures, and happy as their great-grandpa Wood’s. Come on baby! Let’s get started!! We’re all waiting!


Sunday Sunrise

The leafless trees across the way,
are stark abstracts against the
dawn of day.

The little squirrel who slumbers
in a crook amidst the limbs,
awakes exactly when
the sun ray’s fingers
gently fall upon him.

He stretches and he runs a bit,
back and forth along the limb.
Who knew that squirrels
were joggers too,
who run each dawning
of the day?

imageThere are few birds to herald
the rising of the sun,
the morning has a muted silence,
as Sunday is begun.

It’s the perfect time for prayer,
or meditation if you wish,
a time to thank the Father
for sunrises such as this,
a time to sip one some coffee
and enjoy the sun’s first kiss.

©Elaine Wood-Lane

Fibromyalgia Jiggity Jig

I slept,
I read,
I vacuumed
the house.

Now this gal
feels as weak as a mouse!

My limbs are
all shaking.
My face is
quite pale.

It’s a little like
running a
mountain side

I was always
quite strong,
though not very big.
I could work
round the clock,
I could dance,
I could JIG!

I don’t like
oh, no I do not!
It makes me feel old
and not very “hot.”

But one thing I’ve learned,
through this thing
that I’ve got,
is strength of body
doesn’t matter,
oh no it
does not!

If you love and
are loved by God
up above,
if you have a
strong spirit,
and never give up,
you can still have
great joy,
and inside your dreams,
you can still run up
mountains and
jiggity jig!

© Elaine Wood-Lane


Missing Mother

It has been 14 years today since Mother passed away and I still miss her. Actually, the longer time goes on and the older I get, the more I understand her better and miss her. I wish I could apologize for some of the things I thought and said to her.

She was older than all my friends’ moms and a lot more outspoken than most and that embarrassed me dreadfully as a shy, quiet little girl. Now, I realize she loved her family fiercely and wasn’t afraid to be herself. She did talk a lot and revealed confidences that I wished to keep secret, but now I can see how insignificant most of my secrets were and why she ended up telling them. For that matter, I find myself doing the same thing sometimes with my sons. I have started to recognize, over the last five years or so, a look my sons and daughter-in-law get when they wished I would just hush! ;-). How many times, over the years with Mother, did I have the same expression and thought towards her? And this towards the woman who literally risked her life to have me when she was 45 years old?! I’m ashamed of myself, I am!

Mother was a lively, passionate, possessive, protective, loving wife and mother. She did so many good things for me over the years and I wasn’t grateful enough then. Now I am grateful beyond measure and I can’t tell her face to face. I only hope that she knows somehow anyway or that I get to tell her in heaven someday. I’m grateful for Mother’s spunk and fierce love. Honestly, if I were more like her, that would please me greatly! So…if you still have your mother and you love and appreciate her, please don’t wait too long to let her know. Mother knew I loved her, but I wish I had been more understanding and grateful for her when I had her here.