Rare quiet stillness.
Moon glides over the mountains.
Sun rises gently.
EWL 9/2/14

i’ve been challenged twice to participate in the daily gratitude meme on Facebook. Truth be told, I should be considering all the gifts in this world that I am grateful for every single day of my life. I receive so much more than I give. It’s almost embarrassing how many gifts I receive every day that I don’t even realize I’ve received. Anyway, here are today’s gratitudes;

1. I am grateful for the quiet stillness of early mornings that allows me time and space to draw near to God before the day gets crazy.

2. I am grateful for God in all of His massive glory, wisdom, grace and love. Without Him, I might have survived life’s many turmoils and challenges, but not with the peace and strength He gave me and continues to give me.

3. I am grateful for the bubbly smiles of babies everywhere. I saw 2 yesterday while out and about and their effervescent spontaneous joy made me laugh and smile all over. If only we could be as real and sweet as babies.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and beautiful week!

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